Sally thought she had it all, a husband with prospects, a house in suburbia, and it was only a matter of time before she got pregnant. But unknown to her John is barely holding it together. Meanwhile, someone is shooting up the neighborhood and the unusually hot summer isn't the only thing about to break.

Set in the small, lazy town of Fenton, "Saving Sally....." explores the paradox between perception and reality. Written from several perspectives, the reader navigates each character's motivations and conflicts as the story races to its darkly comedic conclusion.

But more than a simple story of intrigue we are taken on a journey of enlightenment. As each character is visited, we learn that despite their differences, they all just want to be happy. As one of them concludes, "life's journey is to find your way out of the bubble, nothing else really matters, or in the end, life simply kicks you out."

Although Saving Sally and other mishaps is a farce, the story has a much deeper and subtle premise based on causality.  Despite some characters never meeting, it is obvious that they are consequentially linked, like a ripple in water, what one person does ultimately effects the others.